I understand that things happen especially with technology, but this aggravates me. I went to see my psychiatrist on Friday for refills on my medications. Nothing changed with my prescriptions, insurance, pharmacy. Nothing. I just have to go once every 3 months for a checkup and refill. My insurance requires me to use a mail pharmacy. The receptionist told me she was faxing the prescriptions over right away. I am very on top of my prescriptions probably because of my anxiety. It makes me overanalyze and check up on everyone. I especially did this time because I am running low on the medication. I only have about 4 days left of it at this point, but on Friday I did have a week left. I usually never have this low of my medication left. I feel like something went wrong in the past because I have a month’s supply of my other medications left from the same doctor, so that makes no sense. Anyway, I am always paranoid that something will go wrong. In this case, it benefited me.

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail from the mail pharmacy like I normally do.  Me being me, I called the doctor’s office to confirm that they faxed it over. They said that they received a confirmation from faxing it Friday afternoon at 2:17 pm. I felt like I was rushed off the phone. It’s probably my anxiety, but I feel that sometimes unintentionally people brush people off with mental illness because they think they are overreacting, which in all honesty I do do sometimes!

I called the mail pharmacy and they said they have no prescriptions! I told them what the doctor’s office told me and still nothing!

When I called the doctor’s office and explained, I did not feel rushed off the phone this time. Now they realized that I had a legitimate reason to be calling. After a few phone calls back and forth, we came to the solution that they would call in a 2 weeks supply of the medication at a local pharmacy that I can pick up, which gives me time to get the 90 day supply in the mail. Whew!

Again, I know this is no one in particular’s fault. The doctor’s office did what they were supposed to by faxing the prescriptions over on Friday. It probably takes a few days for the mail pharmacy to recognize in their system that there was a fax sent over, and that’s just the downfall of technology. It upsets me because why is this on the patient? If I didn’t follow up on all of this, I would have had no medication left on Friday. I did everything that I was supposed to do and I would have been the one negatively impacted. This scares me for patients who are also on medications for mental illness, or for that matter ANY medication.

I did find a small win in all of this. If this was a few years ago, I would have had a panic attack. Things like this do happen with doctors, pharmacies, health insurances, etc. It’s life! When there used to be a hiccup in the road in the past like this, I would be hysterical. My mind would race with the worst case scenarios. What if I can’t get anyone on the phone? What if the insurance won’t cover a local pharmacy prescription? What if this never gets resolved and I can’t get my medications!? You get the point. I am proud of myself for this small win. I owe part of this step in the right direction to my medication, so that’s why I need it!