These probably seem really basic, but I can’t tell you how many times that I just say to myself I’ll just do it in the morning. Usually that leads to a hectic and rushed morning, and I’m sometimes even late to work. These small changes help ease my anxiety because I feel like I have my life a little more together.

  1. Make your lunch the night before.

I usually do really well with this on Sunday in preparation for Monday, but then I start to get lazy as the week goes on. There are so many mornings when I’m rushing to find food, snacks, drinks, containers, and utensils. Then sometimes I have no clean containers, so I have to wash something. I usually wind up forgetting a fork, and I’m pissed when I go to eat my salad when I’m starving on my lunch break. I could take the 5 minutes the night before to make sure I have all of this in order. All I have to do the next morning is get it out of the fridge.

  1. Pick out your outfit the night before and try it on!

When I was in high school, I loved picking out my clothes the night before. For some reason in adulthood, I don’t love it so much. However, I find that my morning is a lot less stressful when I have my clothes, jewelry, and shoes picked out. Yes, even accessories. I’ve had mornings where I half-assed picked out my dress the night before, but not the necklace and that took another 5 minutes in the morning that I couldn’t afford. Why do I say to try it on? Well, there have been many mornings when I think I’m good to go, but realize that maybe my new dress is too short for work or my old pants are too tight on me. Then I have to start the process all over again, and I’m already running late.

  1. Clean the spaces the night before that you will encounter the next morning.

When I am already rushing to work, it aggravates me when I see that there are dishes in the sink or the counter in my bathroom is messy with random things on it. When I do these tasks the night before, I find that I’m a little less stressed in the morning. It just is nice to start fresh with a clean slate, or clean sink or counter. Obviously when you have kids and other things going on, this one isn’t as easy, but when you can, try to do it the night before.

I’m a teacher and the first day of school is on Monday. I’m planning on sticking to these three things as long into the school year as possible. I think it will help with my anxiety, so I can give my all to my students.